Privacy Policy

This policy is an integral part of the public offer (FormTrigger Terms of Use). If you become our customer, you unconditionally agree to all the terms and conditions.

This policy is based on:

  • Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data 1981;
  • EU Directive 2002/58 / EC;
  • Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and its Protocols;

To meet the requirements of these legal acts, we state below in details how we use any information about Subscriber and Processor.

This Policy in brief:

FormTrigger uses only those information about user which FormTrigger’s client provides. Therefore, if you consider that we use your personal information without your consent, please contact the manager of your online store and check whether you provided consent for the transfer of your personal data during registration on the website. Typically, your registration on the site means your acceptance of the terms of the online store and subsequently the processing and transfer to us of your personal data.

If you are our customer, please note that numerous international and national acts protect the personal data of your users. Protection of personal data is like the protection of private property; that is why the use of personal data without consent of the user for data collection, storage and processing is considered as material violation of the law.

To use FormTrigger service, make sure that your terms of use clearly and unambiguously indicate the following:

a) may collect information about users;

b) the type of information you collect is clearly stated;

c) the purpose and methods to receive, store, transmit and process information are listed;

d) why do you collect and process information about users.

Remember that in addition to the usual and understandable information, such as name, gender, age, e-mail, you will also collect data that tracks the behavior of the user on your site. This must be specifically stated in the terms of use and/or (or) privacy policy of your website. The transfer of user information to anyone (including us) also requires a separate clause in your terms.

If the user contacts us with a complaint for unlawful use of his (her) personal data, and we find out that your terms of use and (or) privacy policy do not allow us to use and process client’s user information, we may suspend or block such client’s account without compensation.

Privacy Policy in details (for lawyers)

Please carefully read this Policy

1. Definitions

1.1. “Personal Information” or “Personal data” is data about Subscriber / Processor, his full name or the nickname, email address, IP address and other information that may identify Subscriber / Processor in whole or in part.

1.2. Subscribers — natural or legal persons (including officers of such entities) that are in the customer base Processor and which are consumers or customers Processor.

1.3. Processor — a natural or legal person who is a client (customer services) of FormTrigger.

1.4. The software — a computer program developed by «FormTrigger», provided for use in the form of Internet service, available at and additional program code that is installed on the site Processor.

1.5. Sub-Processor — (FormTrigger we Licensor) — service provider, the result of which is based on the results obtained from the Processor processing. Sub-Processor does not produce any commercial proposals alone does not lead economic activity as a seller of the product, but only produces technical support business proposals Processor.

2. The information that is processed

Software uses personal data of Subscribers provided by the Processor during its normal operation.

3.Commitments and representations of the Processor

3.1. Processor, before using the Software undertakes to obtain the consent of the Subscriber for the collection, storage, processing and transmission of personal data by the Sub-Processor.

3.2. Such consent may be obtained through acceptance by the Subscriber of the public offer (the terms of use) at the Processor’s site.

3.3. In addition, the Processor provides it consent to Sub-processor to collect data about the Processor for the purposes specified in this Policy.

3.4. Processor represents and guarantees that consent of the Subscriber to use and process the Subscriber’s personal data and receive emails from Processor is obtained, resulting sending e-mails to the Subscriber.

3.5. The Processor represents and guarantees that obtained consent from the Subscriber to track Subscriber’s actions on the Processor’s website (e.g., through cookies or using other technical means, including those provided by the Sub-processor to the Processor), and the Subscriber agreed to the transfer of such information and its processing by Sub-processor for the purposes of identification of the Subscriber.

4. The purpose of processing personal data

4.1. The Sub-processor processes the personal data of Subscribers and / or the Processor for the purpose of monitoring the behavior and actions of Subscriber on the Processor’s website for the comparison of these data with the conditions predetermined by the Processor or Sub-processor, and, as a result, the formation of notification to be sent to the Subscriber through mass mailing service ordered by the Processor. Processor at its own discretion shall adjust the timing and methods of such notification through connection (integration) mass-mailing services. Sub-processor does not send electronic messages (e-mails) to Subscribers directly.

5. Access to data

5.1. Processor represents that access to the information of Subscribers is provided to the Sub-processor with the consent of the Subscribers and shall be used only for the purposes for which these data were provided and only on legal grounds.

5.2. The personal data of the Processor is processed by Sub-processor for the purpose of granting the Processor right to use the Software.

5.3. Sub-Processor can not be held liable for processing of personal data and warns that only uses the data that Subscriber provided to the Processor and / or the Sub-processor.

5.4. If the Subscriber has not provided consent to processing of his /her personal data to the Processor or later has withdrawn the consent, we offer an easy way to opt out of receiving e-mails by clicking ‘unsubscribe’ button, which we attach to each message.

5.5. Under court’s order and / or the requirements of law, we may disclose information about the Subscriber and / or Processor.

6. Access to Subscriber’s data of third parties

6.1. The Sub-processor provides results of processing of the personal data to the Processor and does not send these results to third parties.

7. Consent on transfer of personal data abroad.

7.1. This policy provides that the Processor agrees to the transfer of personal data abroad, and has received consent from the Subscribers to the transfer their personal data another country (for example, if the Sub-processor’s server is located in another country, in this case, the place of incorporation of the Sub-processor and location of the server may be different). Sub-Processor warns that the law of another country may have a different standard of safety and protection of personal data.

7.2. If the legislation of the member states of the Convention 1981 authorizes the transfer of personal data to countries that are not parties to this Convention, the Subscriber / Processor consents to such transfer.

7.3. In addition, by accepting this policy, the Processor agrees and warrants to obtain consent from the Subscriber that the information about the Processor and Subscribers can be transferred to another country, and the Sub-processor warrants legal compliance of such transfer.

8. Liability

8.1. In case the Processor violates this Policy, the Sub-processor has the right, at our sole discretion to do the following:

8.1.1. Cancel a license to use the Software and to suspend the Processor’s account without compensation;

8.1.2. File a claim in the amount of up to 9 000 (nine thousand) Euro, which must be paid within ten (10) calendar days from date of invoice;

8.1.3. Publish an information about violation of this Policy and the name of the offender in the public domain, including at our website;

8.1.4. Transfer information about the violator of this policy to the state authorities for supervision and protection of personal data.

9. Amendments to this policy

9.1. The Sub-processor may unilaterally change this policy notifying the Processor by e-mail 30 days prior to such change. Processor agrees that such communication is deemed sufficient.

9.2. If the changes require amendments of the publicly available offer (terms of use) of the Processor, the latter is obliged to make such changes which the Sub-processor reasonably deems necessary within fifteen (15) calendar days of the date of notice.

9.3. In case of disagreement with the change the Processor is obliged to stop using the Software and services of FormTrigger by termination of any data transfer to FormTrigger. If the Processor continues to pay for the use of the Software and transfer the data for processing, it shall be considered as clear and sufficient agreement of the Processor to the amendments in this Policy.