Frequently Answered Questions about Formtrigger

Any additional calls to scripts will slow down your site. However, FormTrigger instructs you to place it in a specific place so that it isn't loaded until the page has loaded. (It used to be before the tag ) Don't worry about it too much; the benefits of service will far outweigh the extra call to a remote file.
Surely. You can refuse any time you'd like it. FormTrigger is SaaS, so you can try it, use it always, or refuse any time.
At the moment we started beta-testing only, a lot of things will be changed. So no prices yet. We hope it will be about $10-$20 per month for usual non-highloaded site.
Formtrigger analyzes every success and abandoned form. And automatically memorizes email, phone, name of every form sender. Sometime client entered partial info but didn't finish sending. Sometime it can be registered client and your site platform knows his email and name. Sometime we don't know his data, but we can remember him within popup window, when he turn back to your site later.
All the templates for notifications could be edited. So you can adapt it for any language. Later we plan to make FormTrigger multilanguage. But impossible to make all things right now :)